7 things to see in Malaga, Andalusia

Located on the southern tip of Spain in Andalusia, Málaga is said to be one of the oldest cities in Europe. You need only walk along its cobbled main streets and view the amazing architectural palaces, Roman ruins, and cathedrals towering above pedestrians. It is also known for its palm-lined, sandy beachfront and tropical weather. Here are a few things to see.

Plaza del Obispo

Plaza del Obispo (Bishop Square), with the Palacio Episcopal (Bishop Palace)
Plaza del Obispo (Bishop Square), with the Palacio Episcopal (Bishop Palace)

This square is a lovely area with an outdoor seating area for the nearby restaurants. It is home to a 1785 two-tiered stone fountain topped by a marble pineapple.  The square is surrounded by 4-5 story buildings, one of which is the Episcopal Palace. Although not what one would imagine a palace, it is still appealing. The baroque three-story building features an exterior of red, white, grey, and pink marble and was built in the 15th century. It houses a permanent exhibition of sub-Saharan artifacts


Málaga Cathedral

Only steps away from Bishop Square is Málaga Cathedral. Also known as the Nuestra Señora de la Encarnación (Our Lady of Incarnation) it is a national landmark. It started out in a gothic style until another architect took over and introduced Renaissance and baroque styles. It uses marble columns, and carved stone with a hint of Gothic pieces seen throughout. Do go inside to view the intricate carvings of the stalls. You can climb the stone spiral staircase of 200 steps to the rooftop for spectacular views.

Malaga Cathedral
Malaga Cathedral

 Plaza De La Constitución

Plaza de la Constitución (Constitution Square) is at the centre of Malaga. It gets its name from the extra large newspapers printed directly onto the surface of the ground to commemorate the first day of Spanish democracy. It was also the first place in Malaga to hold bullfights. Nowadays, it is a pedestrian zone and leads to the main attractions and shopping areas.

Torrons Vicens

One of the highlights of the shopping area is this family-run sweet business. The Vicen family specializes in producing nougat made in the municipality of Agramunt in the Catalan district of Urgell in the Province of Lérida. Just look through the storefront windows and you will be drawn inside. There are so many varieties of nougat, from hard to soft artisan and agramunt nougat. And sharing the same space is Xocolata Jolonch the oldest chocolate factory in Agramunt, which was acquired by Àngel Velasco, owner of Torrons Vicens. They produce chocolate Jolonch. These are traditionally stone-baked chocolate of the highest quality. The smell is divine and free samples are available.

 La Alcazaba

To get to La Alcazaba there is a fairly steep walk up a hill to locate this fort. It was built in the 11th century during the Muslim-ruled era of the Iberian Peninsula and served as a palace fortress as the name indicates. There are paid guided tours around the palace gardens with elaborate fountains, patios, and residential interior fit for royalty. Sundays are free days for tourists. It is worth taking a tour to see the art, pools, and architecture of the Nasrid Period.

Malaga, Spain with the Cathedral, City Hall and Alcazaba citadel
Malaga, Spain with the Cathedral, City Hall and Alcazaba citadel

El Teatro Romano

El Teatro Romano is one of Malaga’s Roman Hispania attractions and the oldest monument dating back to the first century. We looked down from the hill above and could see the ruins of the performance stage chiseled from carved stone.

Scenic Horse-drawn Carriage Ride

What better way to visit the city highlight than to sit back and relax in a horse-drawn carriage? There are a number of horse carriages in the city center. All you do is linger a little and suddenly, you have drivers offering you a trip. They are open to bartering if you are up to it, and as soon as you start walking away, they instantly drop their prices. The 45-minute tour will take you through Alameda, the Avenida de Cervantes, the Promenade of the Park Cathedral, and the Square of the Marina. The seafront is never far away, which means it’s a nice breezy ride.

Malaga Beaches

The sea is in view most of the time in this city with accessible beaches offering different atmospheres from family time lazy beach to music playing parties to a beach appealing to fishermen.  The closest to the city center is Malagueta. El Palo beach is a family-friendly beach and Penon del Cuervo beach caters to the party crowd with music and parties.