Hakrim Dabang


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Hakrim Dabang

One of the oldest independent cafes in Seoul, Hakrim is a gateway to the 1950s, with its collection of vinyl records as well as black and white photographs that decorate the walls. Its Viennese coffee remains well-known to this day, just like the homemade cream cheese cake that both young and older crowds enjoy.


One thing that becomes instantly obvious when walking down any street in South Korea is that coffee shops are incredibly popular here. Both international chains and small independent cafes dot the capital, providing a plethora of options to choose from. Seoul is known for its quirky themed cafes--ones where you can enjoy a beverage while playing with a resident cat or dog, those selling a very specific type of food or drink (the everything-green-tea O'Sulloc, for example), and even Hello Kitty-themed establishments, where everything revolves around the iconic Japanese character.