M2 The Club


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M2 The Club

M2 is a popular EDM dance club with modern sound and lighting systems. International superstar DJs are frequent guests here, and music genres played range from electronic to house. The place tends to get crowded on weekends when dozens of locals and the occasional foreigners fill up the dance floor.

Bars & Nightlife

Nighttime entertainment in Seoul is really more about the neighbourhood than a particular establishment. Each area is known for its very specific vibe, and knowing what kind of pastime you're looking for might be a good idea before deciding on a location. The go-to areas are the stylish and bohemian Hongdae, Gangnam (favoured by young, trendy twenty-somethings), and Itaewon--a location most favoured by internationals. Other great nightlife areas of town include lower-key Myeongdong and Daehangno, as well as upscale Apgujeong-dong or Sinsadong. Most clubs and bars remain open late into the night, and one type of entertainment for those looking for an authentic experience of sorts is one of the many Seoulian "noraebang"--karaoke bars are still quite popular with locals.