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BonBon Candy

The toy-like BonBon is an ultimate candy store, packed to the brim with sweets of all varieties imaginable - from jelly beans to cookies, chocolate, macaroons and cup cakes, all set picture-perfectly against the pastel backdrop of the store's interior.


When in Cluj, look out for all things local - whether it be sweet (jams, nuts, dried fruit, honey) or savory (cheese, preserved foods, wine, and more) treats, traditional handicrafts (jewellery, embroidery, woven rugs, ceramics, and woodwork), or the excellent quality, affordable leather goods (one brand that enjoys a good reputation for those is Marelbo, with two locations in Cluj). Dracula memorabilia is as popular with visitors to Transylvania as it has ever been, which means vampire-themed souvenirs fill tourist shop shelves. Do not leave town without paying a visit to a local market (haggling acceptable).