Cafe Bulgakov


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Cafe Bulgakov

Favoured by the local student population, Bulgakov isn't an easy one to simply stumble upon due to its location off the main walking streets. The search is worth the time, however - it serves a good selection of Eastern and Central European dishes, and turns into a lively bar come sundown.


Keeping pace with emerging European destinations, Cluj boasts a vibrant cafe scene. There is often a rather fine line between what constitutes a cafe versus a bar, and the former often double as latter after sundown. One dessert to simply not be missed is the quintessential Romanian "papanasi" - a deep-fried pastry stuffed with a cheese or jam, topped with a sweet cream more often than not. Cheap eats on the go include pretzel-like "covrigi" and sugar-dusted doughnuts called "gogosi" .