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This underground shopping mall leads you directly to the Osaka main train station. This unusual place holds a number of fashion stores as well as cafes and restaurants for you. Don’t forget to bring comfy shoes; you will want to walk around a lot in there!


Osaka’s shopping areas can be divided into four districts: Umeda, Namba, Shinsai-bashi and Tennoji. Umeda has some of the city’s largest department stores. Namba, also known as Minami, has the best food culture. Shinsia-bashi is arguably the main shopping area, where you will also find the popular Amerika-mura, a district with many American style shops. This is the place where many young Japanese come to check out the latest trends or just “hang out”. Look out for the tell-tale Statue of Liberty. At the Tennoji district you will find both priceless antiques and contemporary fashion.