T.N.T. Craft Beer Pub and Bottle Shop


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T.N.T. Craft Beer Pub and Bottle Shop

As the name already suggest, this is your spot for Craft Beer to drink and take home. The modern interior expresses a DIY culture and will make you immediately feel at home. Tell the friendly staff your preferences and you will receive professional advice on your perfect match. Beer-lovers don’t want to miss this pub on their travel itinerary.

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Osaka's never-ending, lively bar scene generally revolves around specific wards. Minami attracts the young, hip clientele whilst Kita tends to cater to a more mature crowd. Music and an innovative mixture of bar-come-nightclub venues are on offer to suit most trends, persuasions and moods, equipped to entertain you until the early hours of the evening, whatever you may be looking for. "Kampai!"