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The island’s capital is a great attraction for shopping enthusiasts. The pedestrian areas are where the action is, mainly on Friedrichstrasse, Paulstrasse, Strandstrasse, and their connecting streets, which are packed full of all kinds of shops, boutiques, brand-name stores and smaller, individual souvenir and leisure wear shops, as well as art galleries, craft workshops, cafés and restaurants.


Thanks to its status as a playground of the rich and famous, there is no shortage of designer shops on Sylt. However, it is not all about labels on the island – smaller, cuter shops and boutiques can also be found here. Kampen is home to elegant jewellers and designer boutiques with their luxury wares, while a wider, more down-to-earth variety of goods can be found in Westerland. The shops on Sylt are a must for lovers of tea, honey and jam. Also worth a look are the art and craft shops and studios, traditional in the village of Rantum. Similar delights are also found hidden in the side-streets of Keitum.