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The legendary Wonnemeyer restaurant is a very popular meeting place with its relaxed and easy-going atmosphere. Wonnemeyer also has two unique features: a beach sauna where you can sweat it out all-year-round, as well as an adventure ship for children "stranded" just in front of the door. While parents enjoy a glass of wine watching the sun go down, youngsters can crawl excitedly through cabins, over rigging and up the mast of a twelve metre long wooden ship.


Sylt might only be 38.5 km long, but it has three Michelin starred restaurants, among around 200 places to eat – from bistros to world-class restaurants. The cuisine itself comes from all over Germany. Seafood, of course, is the real local specialty. The sand flats around the island are a superb breeding ground for shellfish, and Sylt’s oysters are considered among Europe’s finest.