Salzburger Heimatwerk


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Salzburger Heimatwerk

Since 1946, Salzburger Heimatwerk has been dedicated to preserving and promoting the region's rich folk culture through costumes, customs, and handicrafts. Housed under the majestic vaults of the historic New Residenz, their impressive tailoring and dressmaking workshop creates exceptional dirndls and traditional costumes. They exclusively utilise the finest hand-woven and hand-printed fabrics, sourced from local artisans, to highlight their artistry and expertise. Their diverse selection, ranging from luxurious silk to textured linen, showcases the variety of materials used in traditional costume-making. In addition, Heimatwerk takes pride in presenting exquisite designer products and stylish leather clothing, adding an elegant touch to their collection.


Shopping in Salzburg is an experience in itself. Visitors can choose from boutiques, fashionable flagship stores, shopping centres, and traditional family-owned businesses. Obviously, Salzburg offers the usual range of designer brands, streetwear and traditional shops. However, for those looking for something a little out-of-the-ordinary there are also fashion accessories with typical alpine flair, as well as traditional 'tracht' styles and lederhosen — and don’t forget to round off the day with a bag or box of delicious chocolate-dipped marzipan Mozartkugels.