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The gentile charm of the display windows looking out onto Rathausplatz can hardly begin to betray the cornucopia of treasures within. The Mayer family has ruled over an emporium for handicraft utensils, decorative lace borders, and buttons for almost 250 years — the latter product being of significance above and beyond its place in the company’s name. Countless organised boxes contain an immense number and variety of buttons, probably unrivalled within and far beyond the borders of Austria.


Shopping in Salzburg is an experience in itself. Visitors can choose from boutiques, fashionable flagship stores, shopping centres, and traditional family-owned businesses. Obviously, Salzburg offers the usual range of designer brands, streetwear and traditional shops. However, for those looking for something a little out-of-the-ordinary there are also fashion accessories with typical alpine flair, as well as traditional 'tracht' styles and lederhosen — and don’t forget to round off the day with a bag or box of delicious chocolate-dipped marzipan Mozartkugels.